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We have an extensive portfolio of marketing websites dedicated to promoting our +1800 partner venues.

These websites range from comprehensive 'activity guides', specialised single activity sites and in some cases venue specific websites.

Network FAQs

How Do We Operate?

We promote and market Outdoor Activities Locations under the unified umbrella brand, Activity Passport (geronigo.com), which then acts as a booking agent. We employ powerful marketing techniques developed over many years, which ensure a high and consistent level of exposure to the target consumer group for this type of activity and as a consequence receive a steady stream of enquiries. These enquiries are handled by a dedicated team of sales staff who liase with the customer and the relevant Location to turn enquiries into bookings.

It is important to point out however that we are not just another booking agency. We aim to continue to improve our understanding of the Activities Industry and contribute to the success of the industry as a whole where we can. Our goals and aims are both significant and long term.

A key component to the way we operate is the way in which we present our featured Locations on our website under the brand Activity Passport. We see it as extremely important that the thousands of potential customers that visit our website on a weekly basis are able to browse the different Locations presented in a uniform and consistent manner. Many of these potential customers will be comparing Location against Location on price as well as event options and location. They will also compare activities against other activities we offer and so we need to ensure that each Location has up to date information, is competitive and is presented in a professional manner. (visit an example activity page)

What Are The Benefits to Participating Locations?

  • As we are part of a wider activity organisation we can and do introduce hundreds of new customers to your activity every week. This means your activity is getting a shot in the arm with new participants coming in through our other channels.
  • Our featured Locations have all the advantages that a team of highly skilled and experienced web developers, designers and marketers can provide - a team that can produce consistent and high quality websites that present our featured Locations professionally and to the very best advantage. Huge cost to us, massive advantage to participating Locations.
  • We have found that it is all to easy for a business to overlook, underestimate or mis-calculate their advertising costs for new business and it is therefore all too easy to undervalue the service that we offer. We invite you to take a serious look at this advantage.

Working Within and With the Industry

As a powerful and very visible shop window for the Activities industry, we want to endorse and promote industry standards and regulations. The help that we already receive from our featured Locations in ensuring that we are meeting these standards of representations is much appreciated. We intend to work hard at continually evolving our understanding of the industry and develop excellent and long term working relationship with our supplier Locations.

We would like to think that the Locations we work with are happy to be associated with us and are confident enough in the service that we offer to say they are proud to consider themselves part of the ‘Activity Passport’ network of Locations. We will continue to establish working relationships with Locations that understand and appreciate the strategic opportunity we can offer them.

Are We Expensive?

Our aim is to achieve a retail price consistent with that advertised by our featured Locations. For us to be able to do this we must negotiate a reasonable discount / commission rate with or featured Locations to enable us to achieve a fair margin.

The Locations that have cooperated with us in our goal for better price transparency recognise that we need to make a minimum profit to support our business operations. Where the commission offered meets our needs we are happy to match Location prices.

If you compare us with Experience Companies we are very competitive. Unlike some companies that really drive a hard bargain with leisure activity suppliers - we don’t! We consider ourselves as part of the Activities Industry and as such are prepared to work on smaller margins.

What Does It Cost to Join Activity Passport Network?


How Does Activity Passport Fit into my Overall Marketing Strategy

A relationship with Activity Passport can play an extremely useful part in your overall sales and marketing strategy. With our expertise in achieving a consistently high level of Internet exposure across the Web our featured Locations can save on the expense of competing in this highly specialised and, for the unwary or inexperienced, expensive form of advertising. Your money can then be re-diverted into other forms of advertising such as local radio, press, yellow pages and other forms of local advertising.

Because we operate in other areas of the leisure industry our featured Locations not only benefit from an increased level of bookings but also additional exposure in broader promotions and an association in what will be the forefront of recreational sport in the UK and Ireland. A unique and powerful opportunity – be a part of it!

Activity Passport can bring new business to you. Work with us to ensure your Location is maximising the opportunity this offers.

Visit partners.geronigo.com for further details.

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